10 Reasons 2018 is a Great Year For the Caribbean

I'm jetting off to San Juan, Puerto Rico this week to attend the Caribbean's largest travel conference, Caribbean Travel Marketplace. It's my annual opportunity to get together with my colleagues who cover the Caribbean, and to find out what's new directly from hoteliers and destination representatives from across the entire region.

Over three days we'll be looking back, of course, at the challenges we faced in the last quarter of 2017. But we'll also look forward to 2018's opportunities. And I believe there's so much to be happy about! In fact, I believe it so strongly that with photographer Zach Stovall and creative director Victor Maze I put together a mini magazine, Caribbean Current, with 10 reasons why this year will be a great one for the Caribbean. It's targeted to conference delegates but it's so chock full of good news that I wanted to share it with you, too! Click here and get the scoop.