Checking Out The Changes at Antigua's Curtain Bluff

Last December I jetted to Antigua to check out the venerable all-inclusive resort, Curtain Bluff.


The beachfront classic, which has been around since 1962, is beating back Father Time with its largest-ever revamp, a venture that extended to all the common areas, taking six months and $13 million dollars to complete. And I’m thrilled to report that the changes are worthy of the island’s undisputed grand dame. Some highlights:


The Tamarind Tree restaurant got a facelift, with Turkish stone replacing terracotta floor tile; new furniture and lighting; and an updated off-white color scheme that offers a lovely contrast to the vibrant colors of the tropical gardens.


The Library has gone mod, with a new neutral color scheme punctuated with pops of teal and blue prints. New furniture is relaxed yet sophisticated (just like the resort), and whirring ceiling fans encourage the breeze.


Curtain Bluff’s guests enjoy not just one but a pair of beaches. And now Surf Beach has a pair of curtain-draped Bali beds, perfectly placed for watching the sunrise. And on Calm Beach, concierges proffer scented cold towels and fetch fruity cocktails while you soak up the sun


Want to see more?  Check out my video for a look at all the changes, the things that remain blissfully the same, and the best fried dumplings!