St. Barts' Simplest Cocktail




When in St. Barts, do as the French do and sip this simple beverage, known as a piscine. Made with either rose (une rose piscine) or champagne (une champagne piscine – duh!), it simply consists of either beverage with a few cubes of ice. When I was on the island a few weeks ago my charming dining companion introduced me to the locally loved libation, whose name is the French word for swimming pool. Further research revealed that bubbly over ice has been quaffed by French grape-growers for years, and was popularized recently by vintners Piper-Heidseck to promote a new champagne. So, as summer temps soar and your wine starts to warm, pas de probleme, mon ami. Just drop in a few ice cubes, swirl it around, and then knock it back, St. Barts style. Sante!