JetSetSarah Discovers The Palm Beaches


A few weeks ago I hopped Florida's new high-speed train, Brightline, and took the 30-minute journey from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach. It was the first time I had a chance to get to know the city (I've run a race there but that doesn't count)! and I have to say, it was so much more than I'd thought it would be.


In just a few hours I explored the downtown area, home to the world's largest outdoor art museum, Canvas.


I visited Northwood Village, a historically Black and rapidly gentrifying area that's filled with charming boutiques and also has its share of Canvas art installations on 20-foot shipping containers.


And I lunched like a lady at Ta-boo, a chic Worth Avenue restaurant where models sashay around the dining room showing off pricey outfits and even pricier handbags to the well-heeled clientele.


Of course we couldn't leave without seeing the city's namesake beach, and I found out the real story of how Palm Beach got its name.


My final stop was at City Place, a 20-year-old shopping destination that's in the middle of a reinvention, complete with an old Macy's store that now functions as an interactive public art installation, Culture Lab.

But for all the deets, you'll just have to watch the video below. And then hop a Brightline train and see for yourself.