Confessions of a Middle-Aged Sneakerhead

When, at 13 I begged my mother to let me wear high heels, she forbid it until I was 16. And by then, my feet were fully formed, too wide and flat to be comfortable in the delicate ankle-strap stiletto heels I’d coveted throughout high school.

In my 20s and 30s I kept buying heels, determined to find the “holy grail” pair that combined sex appeal and comfort. But within hours of putting them on I’d be shifting from foot to foot in pain, desperately kicking them off the second I sat down.

And by the time I hit my 40s I knew better than to suffer for style. But I also knew I was way too young and hip for clunky orthopedic-type shoes! So what’s a fashion maven to do when she just can’t stand stilettos? I became a sneakerhead.


Read all about my mid-life footwear fixation in my latest story for Sisters, and get my best tips for how to amp up your own sneaker game – whether or not you’re middle-aged!