Where To Go For Caribbean Recovery News

As I write this it's been a week since Hurricane Irma blasted her way through the Caribbean and Hurricane Maria is about to make landfall in the Leeward Islands as a category three hurricane. It seems that all we can do at this point is to hope that by some last-minute miracle the countries we love will be spared. But the situation in the Caribbean is changing frighteningly fast, and from hundreds and thousands of miles away, its hard to know where to turn for the latest and most accurate info about the Caribbean countries we love.

Which is why I wanted to let you know about CaribbeanTravelUpdate, a new website from the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, which has up-to-date, country-by-country information on the status of resorts and recovery efforts, as well as a link for donations. My travel industry colleagues and I use this resource regularly for our own reporting, and I know that if you love the Caribbean and have an interest in its recovery, you'll want to check it out, too.

So I encourage you to visit the site, and, of course, to keep visiting the Caribbean. Because, as the tourism tag line goes, "Life Needs The Caribbean." And now the Caribbean needs us.