How to Get The Look and Features of Away Carry-Ons For Less


If you’re on Instagram or you've been in an airport recently, you've definitely seen Away’s carry-ons. In a few short years, the direct-to consumer luggage brand’s bags have become ubiquitous, toted by savvy travelers who love their look (modern, minimalist) and features (built-in phone chargers, spinner wheels).

There’s no denying that Away's style and conveniences put it near the top of its category. But they're not inexpensive, either, starting at $225 and going for as much as $495 (for the aluminum Bigger Carry-On I'm toting here).


The good news: There's a slew of other luggage brands offering similar stylish, feature-packed cases with lower price tags. Check out this roundup of "Away-adjacent" carry-ons I wrote for What To Pack and take your pick!