I'm an Athleta ambassador!

I'm honored, excited and proud to announce that this weekend I was asked to be an ambassador for fitness and lifestyle brand, Athleta. And I said yes! I'm really looking forward to sharing the magic of movement and the #PowerOfShe with my Miami community.


My message: Moving your body is a privilege, and it's not (only!) about fitting into a certain size. It's about making sure your body - regardless of shape or size - is fit for this grand adventure called LIFE! So that when the opportunity comes to kayak in the Caribbean, hike in Iceland or just run around the corner, you're healthy enough to seize the moment and enjoy it.

As someone who came "late" to the fitness game (I ran my first half-marathon at 40) and who isn't model thin, I want women – and men! - to know that it's never too late to be active. And I talk a bit more about my mission in this video. I hope you'll enjoy it. And that I'll see you on the pavement someday soon.