Curtain Bluff's Wizard of Wine

This is Javid La-Mothe, one of the wine stewards at Curtain Bluff, an all-inclusive luxury resort in Antigua.

On a recent visit to the newly renovated retreat, Javid gave me a tour of the resort’s 25,000-bottle cellar, which has wine from Lebanon, California, Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand and Chile.


Vintages start at a very reasonable $40 a pop and rise to a whopping $5,000 for a 1997 Chateaux Petrus Bordeaux (which, for the record, I did NOT have that evening!)


Every week there’s a wine tasting in the cellar, during which you’ll sample three bottles, picked at random and paired with cheese.


And since the cellar’s temperature is maintained between 56 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit, I suggest you wear warm clothing. But Javid’s advice is much more simple: “If you like wine, come see me.”