A Jamaican Christmas Playlist


I love Christmas songs, and there's nothing I enjoy more this time of year than cranking up my car radio and singing them at the top of my lungs as tool around town. My Yuletide mix has all the classics, but I'm most fond of these unlikely gems,  which I grew up hearing as a child in Jamaica. Download them now and enjoy a little Christmas cheer, Caribbean-style. Mary's Boy Child -  Boney M

Who doesn't love this reggae-fied version of the Harry Belafonte/Andy Williams classic, sung by the '70's German supergroup?

Santa Claus, Do You Ever Come To The Ghetto? - Carlene Davis

Reggae diva Carlene Davis asks a very pertinent question.

Christmas Medley - The Salsoul Orchestra

This 1976 mash-up of melodies, performed with unabashed disco-era enthusiasm, is a staple at every Jamaican Christmas shindig. (And NO New Year's Eve party can go off without their New Year's Medley, trust me!)

Donde Esta Santa Claus? - Augie Rios

I have no idea how this 1956 song by a 12-year-old boy became a Jamaican classic but it is. And I can't get enough of it.

 Christmas Countdown - Frank Kelly

An Irish actor released this hilarious spoken-word take on the 12 days of Christmas in 1982. Apparently it was a hit there the same year and in the U.K.  in 1984, but Jamaica is the only place I ever hear it on the radio.

Happy Holidays, Jetsetters!