Behind the Lens: Bermuda

Sometimes there are interesting stories behind the iPhone photos I take on my trips. In this new series, I'm sharing a few of them. IMG_9519

July 2010: Surely I’m not the only visitor to Bermuda to have been transfixed (and, I admit, slightly amused) by the sight of middle-aged men strutting along Hamilton's streets and buzzing past on scooters dressed in pastel-hued shorts? Considered appropriate business attire and formal wear on the famously conservative isle, Bermuda shorts were adapted from the warm-weather uniforms British regiments wore in the colonies about a century ago.

Today, they’re sported during the island’s warmest months (April through October) mostly by older men, and there’s a strict sartorial protocol. The shorts must measure between 19” and 22” from the waist to the three-inch hem, come in colors ranging from khaki to coral, and must ALWAYS be worn with long socks (“Bermuda hose”) that come to just below the kneecap. A button-down shirt, tie, and tasseled loafers are also part of the dress code, but nowadays the blazer is optional. (And, surprisingly, neither the shorts nor any of the other items are actually made in Bermuda; they’re all imported.)

Tempted to try the style for yourself at home? I applaud your courage. Pick up a pair from the English Sports Shop on Hamilton’s Front Street. Then brace yourself for the stares.