Caribbean Food, Fast!

Hungry and in a hurry? Snack at full speed on these fast, filling and portable island eats. IMG_2117

Jamaica: Patty

What: Traditionally stuffed with minced beef, these portable pastry pockets also come in lobster, ackee and veggie varieties.

Where To Get It: Tastee, Juici or Mother’s patty shops island-wide



Puerto Rico: Tostones

What: Salty-sweet twice-fried plantains

Where To Get It: From any of the shacks that fringe San Juan’s Pinones beach


Plas Kassav Freshly baked cassava daily

St. Lucia: Cassava Cakes

What: Yummy rounds of baked bread in sweet and savory flavors such as saltfish and chocolate

Where to Get It: At Plas Kassav, a roadside bakery in the village of Canaries (Click here link for a quick vid of my visit there)



IMG_1659Trinidad: Bake and Shark

What: Battered deep-fried pieces of shark sandwiched between slices of salt bread.

Where To Get It: Richard’s at Maracas Beach. The line’s long but the wait is worth it.



conchTurks and Caicos: Conch Fritters

What: Golden-battered deep-fried chunks of fresh-from-the-sea conch

Where To Get It: At a beachfront table at Da Conch Shack in Blue Hills on Provo.