The Caribbean's Priciest Private-Island Resort?

How much is too much to pay for the privilege of having your own private fully staffed Caribbean kingdom? I’ve been fortunate to stay at a few private-island resorts in my time (I recommend Petit St Vincent, Fowl Cay and Palm Island), and while none of them were exactly cheap, I do consider them decent value for money. But I’ve just come across a Grenadines spread that just might be pushing the limits. Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 9.56.56 AM

Calivigny Island is an 81-acre private retreat just off the south coast of Grenada. The hub of the sandswept idyll is the 19,000-square-foot French Colonial-style Beach House, and there are two pools, five whirlpool tubs, four boats, and 30 staff to help you enjoy it all.

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Spend your days guzzling cocktails at the swim-up pool bar; snorkeling in the crystal waters that are the region’s claim to fame; or get “cast away” for the afternoon (with a sumptuous picnic and a bottle of bubbly, of course) on a neighboring Grenadine. When you get back, unwind from the arduous adventure with a muscle-melting massage from the island’s therapist, followed by a chef-prepared dinner (you choose the menu, of course).

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You’ll pay a pretty penny but staying on Calivigny means total privacy: the island is yours and yours alone; you won’t have to share it with anyone you didn't invite. And, to be fair, the rate does include the 15-minute transfer from the airport in Grenada, plus food and drink (alcohol, alas, is excluded).

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So what would you shell out for this posh private-island experience? $1,000 a night? $5,000? $10,000, even? Start saving your pennies, Jetsetters. Calivigny Island rents for $165,000 a night, and accommodates up to 60 of your nearest and dearest. Want to really get away from it all and enjoy it on your own? No problem; it’s just $45,000 a night, single occupancy. A snip!

All images from Calivigny Island's website