Jamaica's Savory Sauces

Jamaica’s known for its fiery jerk seasoning and rubs, but the island also has home-grown sauces, pickles and spreads that’ll transform whatever you’re eating from ho-hum to hot-diggity without searing your tastebuds. Drizzle on some of these and enjoy some island flavor minus the fire. credit: Walkerswood

Sorrel Chutney

Made from the blossoms of the sorrel plant (a relative of the hibiscus, traditionally used to make a Christmas punch), this is a popular Jamaican preserve year-round.

Tastes Like: A spiced, berry-based marmalade

Use It As: A topping for cheese; a substitute for cranberry jelly on baked turkey or ham

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credit: UncommonCaribbean.com

Pickapeppa Sauce

Made with tamarind, tomato, onion and mango, this “Jamaican ketchup” has been around since the 1920s.

Tastes Like: A fruitier version of A1 steak sauce

Use It As: A table or steak sauce, or as an all-purpose marinade

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credit: Walkerswood

Solomon Gundy

This salty herring paste is reportedly based on a centuries-old English recipe.

Tastes Like: WAY better than it smells! Distinctly fish and salty.

Use It As: a spread on crackers or substitute for anchovy paste.

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