Luxury Included on Anguilla

You’re chauffeured to your suite in a Lexus SUV, so from the moment you arrive at Cap Juluca, one of Anguilla’s swankiest resorts, the bar is set pretty high. CJ_Beach_2010

And Cap J doesn’t disappoint, with 98 spacious suites serviced by almost 400 hundred staff, a captivating white-sand beach at Maunday’s Bay, and amazing water’s-edge restaurants (I could eat the lavender crème brulee from Pimm’s restaurant every day).




But as much as I enjoyed all the niceties that come with a stay at the resort where Donatella and Denzel have checked in, what I really appreciated was what you don’t get: the nickel-and-diming that often occurs at comparable high-end resorts. You know: a few bucks a day for the newspaper at your door; a hefty “resort fee” for God knows what; a charge to use the gym. And don’t even get me started on having to pay for Internet!

Sure, you’ll pay upwards of $600 for a night at Cap Juluca. But here’s some good stuff you WON’T pay for:

Bottled water from the mini-bar

A simple thing that, in sweltering Caribbean climes, is so appreciated.

Resort activities

Poolside pilates? Stand-up paddleboarding? Cardio conditioning classes? No charge.

Beach butler service

The moment beach attendants spy you heading across the sand they’ll spread towels over the chaise of your choice, put up an umbrella for shade, and leave you with a cooler of iced drinks. Heck, they even pass out complimentary bowls of sorbet and chilled towels during the day!

Afternoon tea

We’re not talking some curled-up sandwiches here. This is an elegant affair held from 4pm to 6pm daily in the resort’s ocean-view lobby, complete with exotic teas, petit fours and scones.


As far as I’m concerned, the Internet is as essential to life as air. How nice it is that Cap Juluca shares – or at least understands – my obsession, and doesn’t make me pay through the nose for service the resort itself requires to do its own business anyway. Now if only every other hotel in the world would follow suit …


All images courtesy of Cap Juluca