BuyDay Friday: Mexico's Angels

Sarah Liu at CuisinArt spa on Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla. I first came across these handcarved wood angels on a trip to Tulum a few years ago, where they lined the walls of Mixik, a fabulous craft store with two locations in the bohemian beach town. I was instantly enchanted by the cherubs’ glass eyes, the rough-hewn textures of the wood, and by those puffy cheeks, which I like to think are blowing away my troubles. I never did find out exactly what the angels are supposed to symbolize but that (of course) didn’t stop me from buying one of my own, which now presides over my bed. Since that Tulum trip I’ve seen oversized angels used as decorative accents in a number of Cancun and Riviera Maya resorts, and even at Cuisinart resort in Anguilla, where they line the walls of the spa. So if you’re going to Mexico anytime soon, please resist the urge to bring back one of those obnoxiously oversized sombreros. Those of us who’d have to look at you in it really appreciate it.