The Caribbean You Don’t Know

Ok, so when it comes to the Caribbean, you’ve been there and done that. But do you know this? Here are five quirky little Caribbean factoids to impress the crowd at your next cocktail party.

I LOVE this sign at the Carib movie theatre in Kingston

I LOVE this sign at the Carib movie theatre in Kingston

1. If you go to the movies in Jamaica, be prepared to stand for the national anthem, which is played before every showing. And don’t be surprised when the movie stops suddenly in the middle for intermission. Just take advantage of the approximately 10-minute break in the action to hit the snack counter or the restroom.



2. Heading to Trinidad? Leave those camouflage skinny jeans at home because it’s illegal to wear camouflage or other military clothing here or on sister island Tobago. Rock up to the airport sporting camouflage and you risk being detained and having your clothes confiscated. And being naked at Customs is never a good look.



3. Brought from West Africa to Nevis centuries ago, there are now more green Vervet monkeys on the island than there are people. The population of the 36-square-mile island is around 12,000, and the howlers are now estimated to outnumber Nevisians two-to-one, so you’d better watch your pockets; nothing’s safe from the mischievous primates.



4. Can’t find a flight into the Bahamas? Puh-leez! You’re not really trying. The 700+-island archipelago has a whopping 50 airports, 15 of which have international service.



Barbados has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, at 99.7 %. It’s even higher than in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada, which all score 99%. Now we really know who’s smarter than a fifth-grader.



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  1. I love that Jamaica plays the national anthem! I wish we did that here in the United States since our movie industry is so huge.

    • When I lived in Jamaica I used to think it was the oddest thing. Now I live abroad, I see it as uniquely endearing and totally Jamaican!

    • If a theater owner tried to play the national anthem before showing a movie, Hollywood would yank all movies from the theater and drive him out of business while screaming that he was violating their First Amendment rights, somehow.

  2. Love the tidbits! Such a great compilation of interesting factoids!

  3. Camouflage and saggy jeans are also outlawed in Grenada. I’ve actually witnessed it being enforced.

    • JetSetSarah says:

      Really, Mike? Live and learn! I can understand the camouflage (sorta!) but baggy jeans? Seems more like a fashion crime to me!

  4. Fascinating titbits…….I absolutely love Jamaica’s Dress Code for the cinema!!

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