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How Shopping Can Help The U.S. Virgin Islands Recover

I've rounded up some retailers on St. Croix who, while they repair their brick-and-mortar stores, are selling merch online and donating part proceeds to their respective islands' hurricane relief. And I’ve also included a talented artist on storm-ravaged St. Thomas and a recent St. Thomas transplant, both of whose work is definitely worthy of your dollars. Let’s help the U.S. Virgin islands help themselves. Let's shop!

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After The Storms: How To Help Resort Staff

Often, hotel staff become our friends. And, with repeat visits, they begin to feel like family. Which is part of the reason we feel so deeply for the Caribbean people whose lives have been upended by hurricanes Irma, José and Maria. And it’s also why I’m sharing this list of individual resorts’ relief funds, so you can directly help the employees and their families who’ve so warmly welcomed yours when you’ve visited the Caribbean. Please give.

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Where To Go For Caribbean Recovery News

CaribbeanTravelUpdate is a new website from the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, which has up-to-date, country-by-country information on the status of resorts and recovery efforts, as well as a link for donations. My travel industry colleagues and I use this resource regularly for our own reporting, and I know that if you love the Caribbean and have an interest in its recovery, you'll want to check it out, too.

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