Where To Go For Caribbean Recovery News

CaribbeanTravelUpdate is a new website from the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, which has up-to-date, country-by-country information on the status of resorts and recovery efforts, as well as a link for donations. My travel industry colleagues and I use this resource regularly for our own reporting, and I know that if you love the Caribbean and have an interest in its recovery, you'll want to check it out, too.

The True Confessions of a Spoon Swiper

I’m not sure where my teaspoon obsession started. But I think I’ll blame my parents. Seems logical since it was in their kitchen that I first noticed that stainless steel spoon with its slim silvery handle boldly stamped with the letters “BOAC” down the back. Now I'm a 50-year-old travel writer with a cornucopia of spoons threatening to escape the confines of her own cutlery drawer.