The short story

I’m a trip-loving, shopping-craving travel editor and writer on a mission to see the world in style and to share those adventures with everyone who appreciates my kind of crazy.

The long story

Some of my earliest memories are travel-related: The first time I flew, remarking with amazement to my mother that “The clouds are upside down!” Sailing for two weeks from Jamaica to England on a Spanish cruise ship my precocious four-year-old self considered her own personal queendom. Wailing every time we’d drop off visiting family at the airport because I wanted to get on the plane and fly off somewhere, too …

Now I’m all grown up and that desire to travel has become a certified (possibly certifiable) mania. I’m always either plotting a trip, on a trip, or just returning from a trip. Airports are my natural environment. What most people consider to be unavoidable and largely unpleasant means to an end are, to me, glamorous shrines of infinite possibility, and I’m happiest when I’m hurtling along a concourse somewhere, racing toward the gate and my next adventure.

Happily, I’ve managed to make a living from my wanderlust. I’ve been writing about travel for decades (yes, I am that old) and for the last six years I was an editor at the now dearly departed Caribbean Travel + Life magazine.

I’ve been less successful, however, at turning my second passion – shopping – into a moneymaker. But that hasn’t stopped me. I’ve flaunted my retailing reflex all over the planet: in slick Manhattan boutiques; at beachfront craft stalls in the Grenadines; in street markets in Argentina; and at artist studios in Jamaica. (And I’ll always hold St. Barts responsible for my burgeoning Hermes addiction that began at the chic magasin on Gustavia’s main drag. But I digress …)

While others may experience destinations through the prism of their food, music or art, I come to the fullest appreciation of a place by casing its department stores, combing its street fairs and delving into its boutiques for unique and authentic merch that really earns its space in my carry on. I’m a black-belt shopper and I firmly believe in buying local – and buying often. After all, if you don’t bring something back from your trip, how will you remember you went?

So if you’re planning a trip to Jamaica, for example, and you want to commission a striking piece of original art or to find the island’s most exquisite hand-painted ceramic bowl, you’ve come to the right place. If, however, you’re lusting for a knitted tam with the fake dreadlocks attached, look for shopping tips elsewhere, please and thank you.

JetSetSarah.com offers my take on the world, one resort, one store, one amazing experience at a time. Follow my adventures on twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or shoot me an email at jetsetsarahgg at gmail.

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