Shopping on Tortola: Aragorn’s Studio

It all started with a T-shirt. Back in 1985, British Virgin Islands artist Dick Aragorn-Read began selling a line of silk-screened Ts in a rainbow of sun-washed colors emblazoned with images of marine life. Decades later, his venture has grown into a thriving Trellis Bay souvenir store and art studio that sells a bounty of crafty covetables from artisans from all over the Caribbean, as well as Dick’s own copper sculptures and signature steel fire balls.


store 2

Best of all, it’s just a five-minute walk from the airport on Beef Island, so you can squeeze in some last-minute retailing before your flight out.

Bequia artist Jacob Scott makes baskets, vessels and hats from recycled beach rope. Each is hand-sewn and can take months to create.



These goat skin and white cedar drums are by Dominican Bongo Moon. He’s also Dick’s assistant, and will be happy to demonstrate his drumming skills if you ask.



Aragorn’s also has a ceramics annex where potters Debbie and Liz design and make wheel-thrown, food-safe kitchenware. Who wouldn’t love these “happy bowls?”

happy bowls


You’ll also find wooden masks by St. Lucia artist, Zaka. (Check out my TV  interview with him here.)

zaka 2


These ceramic raku fireballs are miniature versions of the metal one that is set alight during Aragorn’s famous full-moon parties.



You can also buy Tortola rum made at The Callwood Distillery in Cane Garden Bay.



If you’re feeling flush, splurge on one of Dick’s copper pieces, which start at $300 and go all the way up to $15,000. (A large metal fireball, perfect for your own full moon festivities, will set you back $30,000)



And, of course, you can’t leave without picking up one of the T-shirts that started it all.

T shirts

t shirt 2


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  1. Hi There!
    We were in the BVI’s 2 years ago and purchased a wonderful mirror by Jacob Scott.
    We are coming again for the New Year and I am looking forward to visiting your boutique again. I am an artist and art teacher and if it were possible…I would LOVE to visit Jacob’s studio if he allows visitors. We will be sailing and could pull into a nearby cove close to his home. I do a lot of recycled art with my students and would love to see how he works and take photos for my students. I hope to hear from you.
    All the best,
    Sally Russell

  2. Hey !!!! My name is Michael Passalidis & I am from Toronto Canada. I am the fellow that designed and build a pizza oven in my back ward I have been to your studio a couple of times with our very good friend Diana Moore, that lives in Tortola with her husband Glen Moore the Chiropractor of the Island. I love your studio from many different reasons. I remember I purchased this beautiful masculine bracelet made out of fish bone. It was truly a master piece.
    I had this bracelet for a few years now, but it started to break apart !!!! I was truly heart broken 🙁 🙁 . I was wondering if you knew the artist who created these masculine bracelets.
    I Know that Diana comes in & out of your studio all the time. So if you see an artist that makes these beautiful ornate and unusual fish bone bracelets, please tell Dian Moore or drop me an email . Do you have a site except your website, that I can see your new products from different artist or vendors. I have a health studio so I am constantly looking for very different stuff that will say wow !!!

    Thank you

    Mike Passalidis
    T-Zone Scarborough
    2199 Midland Ave
    Scarborough, ON M1P 3E7

    • JetSetSarah says:

      Hello Michael

      I don’t work for Aragorn’s, so I suggest you contact them directly. Good luck!

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